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Work faster, A/C unit!

So, my power went out last night… but ONLY IN MY APARTMENT. That’s right.. the only one that lost electricity in the whole building was me. FML for reals. Got it fixed, and an hour later it went out again. Took THREE HOURS to get the overnight call center staff to get the maintenance guy back out to fix it… at which point he realizes it’s a weak fuse, so he can turn the power on, but I have to turn the A/C off. This was around midnight or so, folks. He came back at noon today to get it fixed. So, it’s 90 degrees in the apartment. The cats are miserable. I hope it’s cooled down before I get home in the next 4 hours. Unbelievable to not fix it before the day got truly hot and heated up the apartment. I’m so glad I’m moving next month.


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earthbourn asked: Not sure why I wasn't following you before. Sorry 'bout dat.

That’s alright. LoL. Better late than never, yeah?